Content Marketing and Target Audience Engagement
Thought leadership content can be created and delivered in a variety of formats, but it should have one characteristic in common – it should be created around the perceived interests and information needs of clients, prospects and other stakeholders, and built on a clear understanding of where they congregate, what their specific level of activity is, and who the most engaged participants are on any given platform or channel.
We distinguish a series of steps in the development of a content distribution strategy:
• Research of your audience and competitors both in the online/offline channel universe
• Creation of unique thought leadership strategy based on relevant trends
• Selection of appropriate outlets, channels, platforms and content formats
• Listen to the ongoing dialogue on the chosen online channels
• Employ The Thought Net Audience Engagement & Distribution Model
• Engage and participate in dialogue and conversation
• Introduce specific content as appropriate
Even though we recommend that an audience engagement strategy is not exclusively focused on social media channels, social media should play an increasingly important role in your overall content marketing strategy. Why? The reasons are very closely intertwined with what’s propelling the Buyer Cycle Revolution – the mass empowerment of the consumer, driven by the Web and mobile technology. Your clients and prospects are talking about you, your products and services, via these channels, and you will need to engage them where they congregate online. Thought leadership programs will actually deliver more than simply engagement; they will put you in the driver’s seat...
The Thought Net’s Audience Engagement and Distribution Model provides a conceptual framework for content integration and deployment to relevant key audiences and target communities. Through the creation of a 360° Thought Leadership program, content can be delivered via your own web assets (e.g. company website; portals, corporate blogs and newsletters) using a variety of social media tools that help integrate relevant networks, microblogging platforms, blogs, video, virtual events, podcasts and more.
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